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This section will present an overview of some of the features offered by the Magellan Explorer file manager and explorer replacement. Illustrative screen shots are used throughout. Click the screen shots to view the full image and a description of what’s being shown.

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  1. Introduction and general features
  2. Navigation features
  3. Built-in viewer
  4. Compressed archive support
  5. FTP functionality
  6. Powerful file tools
  7. Customizations

1. Introduction and general features

Magellan Explorer is a file manager for Microsoft Windows, designed to replace or complement Windows Explorer. It offers an intuitive yet flexible interface with the ability to customize it however you like. The extensive feature set enables you to accomplish complex file management tasks with ease. Add to that support for all major archive formats as well as FTP, Magellan Explorer might be the only file manager or explorer replacement you will ever need.

Dual window and explorer mode

If you enjoy using the dual window approach popularized by Norton Commander you'll feel right at home with Magellan Explorer.

On the other hand, if you would just like to browse your hard drive the familiar Windows Explorer approach is just a click away.

You can even choose to have a dual Windows Explorer style layout. This effectively gives you the combined power of both modes and provides the ideal explorer replacement.

This is the default setup

“Windows Explorer” layout

Integrates with your system

You can associate Magellan Explorer with the archive formats of your choice to get system wide support for them. By doing so Magellan Explorer will be launched automatically whenever you double click an archive and display the contents.

You also get easy access to Magellan Explorer in the right-click context menu for file system folders.

Magellan Explorer provides all the basic functionality found in Windows Explorer, complete with features such as drag & drop, mouse wheel support, “click to rename” and large icons, small icons, list views and thumbnails.

Complete drag and drop support

Whether you are inside an archive, on an FTP site or in your Download folder, you can use drag & drop to copy or move files and folders. Extracting archives can be as simple as right

The file associations configuration dialog

clicking the archive file, dragging it to the desired directory and choosing an extraction option from the menu that opens.

Background operations

Magellan Explorer performs all time consuming file operations in the background. This means an end to sitting idly waiting for that big copy or zip operation to complete. While the operation is in progress you can continue working with other files.

The progress dialog gives you complete control over any ongoing operation, and allows you to schedule what operations should be running. You can even pause and resume operations at the click of a button.

The progress dialog showing an FTP download

Extensive keyboard support

Almost every feature in Magellan Explorer is reachable by keyboard. You can assign user defined shortcuts to all tools and even your favorite folder locations. This makes managing your files a breeze, whether you prefer to use the mouse, the keyboard or a combination.

Automatic Internet Updates

Magellan Explorer can optionally check for updates in the background at startup and alert you when one is found. It will even apply the update for you if you let it!

The schedule tab in the progress dialog

The keyboard shortcut configuration dialog

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