Magellan Explorer
  1. Introduction and general features
  2. Navigation features
  3. Built-in viewer
  4. Compressed archive support
  5. FTP functionality
  6. Powerful file tools
  7. Customizations

Powerful file tools

File descriptions

Magellan Explorer supports the file description format introduced by 4DOS and 4NT, which is still in use today. The descriptions are displayed in the folder window, just like other file attributes. Changing them can be done using the describe tool.


A powerful search tool is provided to locate files not only on your hard drive, but also on FTP sites. Like the new archive dialog, this dialog initially appears in the simple view. You can search for either file names (wild cards supported), text within the files or both. Regular expressions are supported.

By expanding the advanced options you can also filter by other criteria such as size, modified date etc.


Remove the clutter from being displayed in large folders by using the filter tool. The filter tool offers the same interface as the find tool.

An even easier way to filter files is to use the quick filter box next to the path box. Just enter a pattern and the folder is instantly filtered.

Folder size

Calculates the space the selected folders (and their respective sub folders) occupy on the hard drive and displays it in the size column.

The basic find dialog

The advanced find options


Create a backup copy of important files in the same folder with a single click. All you need to do is decide the name of the backup file.

Group attribute

This tool lets you change the attribute of not only individual files, but groups of files. Ideal for removing e.g. the hidden attribute from a set of files. Windows NTFS compression is also supported.

Group rename

There is no need to manually rename large groups of files, let group rename do the job for you. Select the files you wish to rename, select the method and pattern to use for renaming and click preview to view the result. You can even use regular expressions. Once you’re satisfied with the results you click OK and the actual renaming takes place.

Virtual folder

Now you can group files together without having to copy and move them around on your hard drive. Virtual folders can then be saved for later if you wish.

Folder synchronization

Keep your work and backup folder up to sync using this easy to use tool.

The group rename dialog

Time stamp

Edit all the time and date information associated with a file with just a few clicks. As with most other tools, you can perform the operation recursively on folders also.

Custom tools

Magellan Explorer supports user defined tools. Harness the power of your existing utilities by integrating them into the Magellan Explorer interface.

For each tool you specify the executable and the parameters that should be passed. You can include the current folder and file selection in different of ways to create advanced tools.

The custom tools configuration dialog

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