Magellan Explorer
  1. Introduction and general features
  2. Navigation features
  3. Built-in viewer
  4. Compressed archive support
  5. FTP functionality
  6. Powerful file tools
  7. Customizations


You can configure virtually every aspect of Magellan Explorer. The options below are just some of the settings available.

File selection

The file selection method in Magellan Explorer is completely customizable. You may use left or right mouse button, sticky multiple files selection or Ctrl and Shift combinations. Or you may simply prefer the Windows defaults.

Whichever you prefer you can either select one of the presets or tailor it to suit you preference.

If you would like, Magellan Explorer can also remember the selected files and folders in a particular folder, even after you have navigated to a different folder. Once you navigate back the selection is still intact.

‘Customized folders

Magellan Explorer lets you customize the layout of individual folders. You simply select the columns you wish to display, change the sort order and view until you’re satisfied with the way it looks. Selecting Customize Folder from the View saves the settings.

The next time you navigate to that particular folder it will be displayed just like you configured it.

The preferences contain a dialog to let you copy already recorded settings to new folders as well as deleting settings for folders.

Tools and toolbars

Magellan Explorer comes equipped with no less than 4 different toolbars. You can configure what should be displayed on each of them, everything from both built-in tools, folder locations and your own custom tools.

In addition to the toolbars you can also configure the tools menu, available from the main menu bar.

Layout and look

If you like your button panel on top, in the middle or at the left, your drive bar to the right or the left of the menu, Magellan Explorer can handle it all. You can also change the colors of individual screen elements, and have the application icon in the system tray.

Flexible confirmations and warnings

You can configure which file operations should display a confirmation dialog before proceeding. You can also configure in detail when the delete tool should warn you or not.

Over a hundred different options!

That’s right, all in all there are over a hundred different options to configure in Magellan Explorer. Let it adapt to your preferences, not the other way around.

Please note: this is just some of the features, check the help file for a complete list.

The selection method configuration dialog


The customized folders dialog

The tools menu configuration dialog


The confirmation configuration dialog

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