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Magellan Explorer is an advanced, yet easy to use, Windows file manager based on the powerful dual window pane concept. Previous users of the Norton Commander file manager software and similar tools will feel right at home. It can also act as a Windows Explorer replacement with a tree view on the left. Or you can enjoy a combination of both!

In addition to all the basic file management features found in Windows Explorer it also contains a built-in FTP client and archive manager (packer). All major file compression formats from ZIP (WinZIP®), RAR and ACE to UNIX formats such as TAR and GZip are supported.

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An integrated file viewer is included for instant viewing of your pictures, as well as Microsoft® Office documents (Word, PowerPoint® and Excel), PDF files etc. The hex file mode allows viewing of any file type.

Advanced file manipulation tools enable you to manipulate single and multiple files with ease. Powerful tools such as group rename and group attribute let's you work on large sets of files at once, rather than dealing with each file one by one.

Locating files on your hard drive is made easy with the comprehensive search tool included, which even supports regular expressions. To make navigation easier you can "bookmark" your favorite folders and use the folder history for quick navigation between recent folders, just like a Web browser.

In addition to the rich feature set Magellan Explorer is also highly customizable, enabling you to alter anything from keyboard shortcuts and color choices to file selection method and window layout. The preferences contain over 100 options giving detailed control of every aspect of this Windows file manager.

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Order the Magellan Explorer 3 file manager for Windows online now and get your copy of this powerful file utility for only $39.95 (USD) within minutes! Existing 1.x and 2.x users can get a discounted upgrade at 50% off the regular price. Full 30 day money back guarantee included.

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File manager features

The following is a detailed, but by no means complete, list of the features available in the Magellan Explorer Windows file manager. (detailed feature list)

General file management features
  • Complete drag & drop support as well as context menu (right click in Windows Explorer)
  • Supports Windows Explorer views such as thumbnails and tiles in addition to details view
  • Time consuming tasks such as file copying performed in the background
  • Support for dual "explorer mode", possibly the ultimate Windows Explorer replacement
  • Extensive keyboard support
  • Web browser like folder favorites and history
  • Supports ZIP, ACE, RAR, LHA, ARJ, CAB, TAR, GZip and BZip2 archive file formats
  • Can register as default handler or all supported archive formats
  • Fully featured picture viewer with support for GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc. and ability to rotate and zoom images as well as a slide show feature
  • Spring loaded folders (drag and hold over a folder and it automatically expands/loads)
  • Full FTP (file transfer protocol) support supporting multiple simultaneous connections
  • FTP site manager for organizing your FTP sites
  • Clipboard URL monitor to automatically connect to FTP sites whose URL is on the clipboard
  • Automatic repacking/uploading when editing files inside an archive/on an FTP server
  • Supports 4dos/4nt style file description files
File manager tools
  • Flexible find and filter tools, with regular expression support
  • Folder size tool to calculate sizes of folders on your hard drive or FTP sites
  • Copy and move tools that can rename files as they are copied if desired
  • Group attribute and time stamp dialogs to quickly perform actions on multiple files
  • Group rename tool to rename batches of files, with regular expression support
  • Encode and decode files of type uuencode, xxencode, base64, binhex and quoted printable
  • Synchronize folders using the folder compare and folder synchronize tools
  • Flexible custom tools capable of launching external applications with selected files as arguments
  • Virtual folders to organize your files
  • Calculate MD5 checksums of files (available from the right click menu)
  • Print the contents of your folders to the clipboard, a text file or right to your printer
  • Tools for splitting and joining files
  • Customizable file selection (right/left button, sticky, drag selection, etc.)
  • Adjustable color palette and fonts
  • Flexible toolbar layouts and folder window layouts
  • Configurable toolbar contents. Place any tool or folder on any toolbar
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to every tool and favorite folder locations
  • Customizable file action confirmations (delete warnings etc.)
  • Each folder can have it's own customized view
  • Over 100 configurable options

Click on More information below to view the complete list of features.

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Purchase this premier Windows Explorer replacement and get...

By purchasing the Magellan Explorer Windows file manager today you get full access to all the features above, including these full version only benefits.

  • A feature rich Windows Explorer replacement
  • Full 30 day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited personal usage of this award winning utility
  • Advanced image viewer features including slide show functionality
  • Up to 10 simultaneous FTP connections + Keep Alive support
  • Flexible favorites manager to organize your frequently used folders
  • More than 50 powerful tool to handle all your file management needs

Complete list of the the bonus features

As a Magellan Explorer customer you also get prioritized e-mail technical support and free/discounted program updates. When purchasing Magellan Explorer on-line you will receive information on how to download your personal copy shortly thereafter.

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