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Reviews, Awards and User Praise

You don't have to settle for our own words about the ability of Magellan Explorer. Both users and reviewers alike have expressed their enthusiasm for this powerful utility.

This page contains some of the highlights and the archive contains many more reviews from web sites, magazines and users.

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Web site awards and ratings


"If you think there must be better file managers than Explorer, you're right -- and [Magellan Explorer] is one of them."

"There's a lot to like about [Magellan Explorer] -- download this fully functional evaluation edition, try it for 30 days, and see if you don't enjoy file management chores a lot more."

ZDNet Editors' Pick

�Why use three or four different utilities when you can use one that does it all? Whether you use it for working with Web pages or for archiving files, [Magellan Explorer] will replace some of your most widely used utilities�

ZDNet Annual Shareware Awards

Magellan Explorer v2.2 is one of the finalist in the �File utility of the Year� category in the 7th Annual ZDNet Shareware Awards.

ZDNet Launchpad

Magellan Explorer v2.0 was featured on their prestigious �LaunchPad� section on its release in November 1999

Hot File of the Day

Magellan Explorer v1.0 was "hot file of the day" when it was released in August of 1998 and v2.2 was �Hot Utility of the day� in May 2000.

�[Magellan Explorer] is a full featured file management, FTP and archive client. Featuring a unique dual window interface, [it] allows you to move seamlessly between files, folders, and FTP sites using bookmarks, history and back/forward buttons just like your web browser.


Also features a toolbox full of useful utilities and very extensive configuration settings."

5 Cows

Magellan Explorer 2 gets 5 cows - Tucows highest ranking!

Magazine quotes and reviews

�[Magellan Explorer] works like Windows Explorer with added features.�

�Truly a useful utility!�


Australian PC Authority

�For an inexperienced user, it�s easier to work out what to do with [Magellan Explorer] compared to Explorer�

�..operations can be done more quickly and easily then with Explorer�

�[Magellan Explorer] gives you a staggering range of ways to look at an manage files. It isn�t hard to set these options either.�

�Easy to use�

�..everyone I showed it to commented on how attractive it was. Some really loved it and had to dragged away from it.�

- PC @uthority

User praise

�Rarely am I taken with a piece of software quickly, but [Magellan Explorer] is one. I love it and I've hardly used it yet!

The interface is great, I love it's configurability. Everything so far.

With the apparent demise of Norton Navigator I was looking for a flexible and functional file management program. I was about to buy a similar program (to Navigator/ X-Tree Gold) until I found your.

I'll definitely be registering.�

-Paul Hoegstrom


�I registered [Magellan Explorer] v1.5 today at BMT Micro, what an awesome file manager!!!

Love the 4dos descript.ion feature - and wow!! can make the description file a "files.bbs" for CD ROM software collection. You guys are right on.

When You have a Linux flavor, I'll buy that one too.

IT IS A MASTER PIECE!!! you do excellent work.�

-Tim McAtee

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