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User praise

“Your FTP client software is, no doubt, one of the very best I have used. A guy on the internet told me about it a week ago. The configurability of the program is just incredible. “


“I must admit, and I don't always say this about shareware based software, you have a great product and a real winner with this file manager. Version 2, especially, is great. It was well worth my $30.”

-Steven E. Gomberg

“I would like to thank all the developers of [Magellan Explorer]. It's the best file manager for Windows”


“I think [Magellan Explorer] is awesome, the first PC directory utility I've seen that comes close to competing with Amiga's DOpus for functionality and ease of use.”

-Patrick Cowden

“Good job guys, its the absolute best file management and FTP client ever. Thanks for the wonderful tool!”

-Tim Mcate

“I enjoy receiving the E-Mail updates about [Magellan Explorer], as well as using the program itself. It is one of the easiest FTP programs that I have used”

-Phil Wyles

“First of all, let me say that [Magellan Explorer] has got to be the most promising Disk Manager out there, by a long shot! It is small, feature rich, and cheap (WOW)! I am currently using the un-regged 1.5 version but you can consider you product sold already, it's great!”


“The best file manager I've tried”

-Markus Schiegl

“You are a little Norwegian software house, but you created the best file manager of the world.”

-Giuseppe Criaco

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