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Stroud's CWSApps

Magellan Explorer gets Stroud’s highest ranking!

Stroud's Pick of the Week

“Magellan is a hot new program that serves as a more than adequate replacement for the standard Windows Explorer client. Enriva Development has been hard at work making changes and adding features to really make this program sizzle”

Pros: Inexpensive, superb feature-set, Internal Unzip and Folder Sync features


“Compared to Windows Explorer, Magellan is like a Ferrari replacing and old car. Very easy to use and packed with features is the only way to describe Magellan”











IT Reviews

“This is an example of a relatively unknown piece of software offering features which far surpass the better known names. For local file management operations, and particularly for FTP access in a simple, transparent manner, Magellan Explorer does the business exceptionally well.

It's like finding a powerful, DOS-based file and FTP manager that's somehow made the transition to Windows. And survived”

File Clicks


“Magellan Explorer is a very good utility the way it integrates several pieces of software into one”

“It is a program I am going to continue using because I like the integration and the many, many configuration options it has. I no longer need to use a separate FTP client, separate archiving program, or Windows Explorer ever again”


Rating: Very good

“Overall, this is a pretty nifty program that can make file manipulation easier, especially for the power user”

“Customizability is great. And in spite of all the options and features, it is well organized without being overwhelming or confusing”

Cool Computing

“Magellan Explorer by Enriva is everything Windows Explorer should be and then some”

“Very useful and cool indeed”


“[..] It's not only a brilliant idea from Magellan's programmers but also a comprehensive program designed for customer needs in the new millennium.”

“After using Magellan Explorer 2.0 for several days, I feel I don't want to go back to Windows Explorer anymore; I just want to uninstall my current FTP program and get rid of my Unzip Utilities. The Web Style, Drag and Drop capabilities and Integration features of this program make you love it.”

Rating: 100 / 100

Completely Free Software

“We cannot speak too highly of Magellan Explorer and strongly suggest that all control freaks grab a copy now and get back into the file management driver's seat. It gives the power back to the people!”

Software Blast

“Manage Your Files With Magellan Explorer” - March 23, 2000 05:06 PM CT

“Internet users looking to manage all their files will benefit from Magellan Explorer. It allows them to download and open Zip files, publish web pages and view pictures. All within a single, attractive package”

Pecoguru Newsletter

Pecoguru Newsletter

“If you're looking for the best Windows archive, FTP, and file management software, chances are that Magellan Explorer is the utility to choose. It has a nice, clean, and fully customizable interface that reminds me of the good old days of Norton Commander, but if you don't feel comfortable with this look you can easily change it so it looks like for example Windows Explorer”

Magellan Explorer won the “File manager” category in VolFTP’s 1999 annual award contest.

VolFTP is one the most popular download sites in southern Europe.

VolFTP Awards 1999
Jumbo Guides: File Managers

“[Magellan Explorer] by Enriva Development is a great file management program with many features that'll make you more productive when dealing with large numbers of files.”

“[Magellan Explorer] brings you some of the best tools to get your files in order.”

“[Magellan Explorer] brings together a great overall package. It also sports an easy to use interface with all the necessary tools to get the job done quickly.

This is one File Manager that you'll frequently turn to.”


Management: 10
User Friendliness: 9
Extra Features: 10
Overall: 9.7

Rated ***** at 5 Star Shareware

"An excellent new file manager for Windows with many cool features including and integrated FTP client, an archive manager and more.."

[Magellan Explorer] gets 5 out of 5 possible stars!

Dude Dude
Dude Dude

[Magellan Explorer] gets FileDudes highest ranking!

Rated 5 stars at Super Shareware

“[Magellan Explorer] has been evaluated by our technical department, obtaining the highest possible mark: 5 stars.”

c|net Sgareware

"In the three years since the release of Windows 95, the file management system provided by Windows Explorer has remained largely unchanged. But in a networked world, the dearth of new features leaves one wanting more. Enter [Magellan Explorer]."

 "..The program is also chock-full of options for panel layout, hot keys, and file selection methods."

Magellan Explorer was featured on's Newsletter after its release in August 1998.

ZDNet Deutchland

"[Magellan Explorer] liefert Dateimanagement der Spitzenklasse - ganz gleich, ob Sie mit der bewährten Commander Zwei-Fenster-Ansicht oder mit der Explorer Baumstruktur arbeiten möchten, verschafft Magellan Explorer jedem Anwender neue Möglichkeiten im täglichen Umgang mit Dateien."


"Il file manager che presentiamo oggi è senza dubbio uno dei migliori che ci siano mai capitati sotto mano. Se qualcuno pensava che il software shareware non potesse arrivare al livello di quello commerciale, dovrà necessariamente ricredersi. La cura posta nell'interfaccia utente e la ricchissima dotazione di opzioni liberamente configurabili dall'utente rendono questo programma adatto sia ai principianti che ai professionisti."

Simply the Best - Select Software

"Offers easy web-like navigation using tools such as history, bookmarks, drive bar and back/forward buttons."

CHIP Online

“[Magellan Explorer]: Successful substitute for the Windows Explorer. [Magellan Explorer] not only offers a comfortable interface similar to the original, but also a series of other functions like support for FTP, ZIP, LHA and bookmarks”


“The program operates in a dual window mode allowing you to easily browse different directories on your computer”

“It is also highly configurable and comes loaded with useful utilities.”

Awarded Hot File

“Exciting file manager”

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