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New in v2.0

The new version of Magellan Explorer has been rewritten from the ground and is filled to the brim with new features, enhancements and new options to make you file management easier than ever before.

Improved toolbars

Magellan Explorer is more flexible than ever before to fit your needs exactly.

  • Place any tool on any toolbar
  • Organize the tools menu
  • Place your favorite folders on your toolbars for easy access

More flexible folder views

You can now use all the views available in Windows Explorer to their full potential while retaining full access to the powerful Magellan Explorer view. This gives you full access to image and video thumbnails, custom font folders, etc.

Using the new customize folder feature you can even save the default view and layout for individual folders or folder trees.

Enhanced explorer mode

A dual windows explorer style window layout is now available where each folder window has both a tree view and a list view. Arrange them either side by side or on top of each other.

Improved search & filter

The new search and filter options have been completely redesigned in order to make them both easier and more powerful to use. Find files quickly by name or content with the basic view or use the advanced options to filter by dates and sizes.

You can even use regular expressions to express even more advanced file name and content searches.

The new filter box below the folder windows enables instant as-you-type filtering on filenames as well as easy selection of previously stored filters.

Improved archive management

Magellan Explorer takes ZIP management to the next level with the new fast and stable ZIP engine. Use the new industry standard Deflate64™ and Burrows Wheeler algorithms to achieve even better compression.

Support for managing UNIX style archives is now handled with support for the following formats.

  • GZip
  • Z (Compress)
  • BZip2
  • TAR (optionally combined with any of the above)

The ACE and RAR archiver support has also been enhanced to fully support the latest versions of these archives.

Brand new FTP engine

A fully featured site manager is now available to let you easily organize your favorite sites. Favorite folders link seamlessly with sites in the site manager making it easy to create and manage your FTP site list.

The new FTP engine provides a new level of stability, ensuring your FTP transfers run smoothly. New features are also available such as preserving modified time & date on transferred files (compatible servers only) and improved search and filter integration.

Enhanced image viewer

The enhanced image viewer contains the following new features

  • Full GIF format support
  • Ability to zoom and rotate images
  • Automatically fits image to screen
  • Slideshow support for easy viewing of multiple files

Additional tools available

Magellan Explorer can now Split & Join files. Ideal for transferring large files on small media.

The new Encode and Decode features allow encoding and decoding of the following formats.

  • UUEncode
  • XXEncode
  • Base64
  • BinHex
  • Quoted-Printable
  • Hex

The Synchronize Folder tool has been upgraded to perform full synchronization of folders.

Enhanced tools

The Print Folder tool has been upgraded with more features such as MD5 checksums, folder sizes, and a lot of other options to make it even more useful. The new slick user interface makes it easier to use than ever before.

The Group Rename tool now supports 9 different renaming modes. They include wild card patterns, regular expressions, case transformation and more.

Virtual Folders can now be saved between sessions, making them an invaluable means of keeping track of your files.

Other new features and enhancements

  • Calculate MD5 checksums for files
  • Effortlessly view text or binary files of up to 2 GB
  • Path box auto completion and drives drop down
  • Dynamic Quick bar based on folder window content
  • Option to start automatically with Windows


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