Magellan Explorer
  1. Introduction and general features
  2. Navigation features
  3. Built-in viewer
  4. Compressed archive support
  5. FTP functionality
  6. Powerful file tools
  7. Customizations

3. Built-in viewer

Image viewer

The built-in image viewer is just a click away and supports all major formats, including GIF, JPEG, PNG and BMP. Within it you can zoom and rotate images, as well as changing the current desktop wallpaper.

The built-in slide show feature, accessible by pressing Page Up or Page Down on your keyboard provides a fast and easy way of browsing through all the images located in the current folder. You can also select a set of image file to view and browse through them.

The built-in image viewer

Text viewer

In addition to the image viewer a full blown text viewer is also included, supporting RTF (rich text format) and DOS/OEM charset files in addition to plain text files. You can easily perform searches and copy portions to the clipboard. An external editor can quickly be invoked to edit the currently open file.


Additionally, Magellan Explorer includes an advanced multi-format viewer based on ActiveX/COM technology. The following formats are supported:

  • Microsoft Office documents *
  • HTML **
  • PDF files through the Acrobat ActiveX/COM control **

*  Requires Microsoft Office and IE 3.0 or later
** Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher
     and Adobe Acrobat Reader

Hex viewer

To complete the picture, a hex viewer is also supplied to enable you to view any files not supported by the above in raw hexadecimal mode.

As with the text viewer, you can easily copy text/data or launch an external editor.

The built in hex viewer

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