Magellan Explorer
  1. Introduction and general features
  2. Navigation features
  3. Built-in viewer
  4. Compressed archive support
  5. FTP functionality
  6. Powerful file tools
  7. Customizations

4. Compressed archive support

Magellan Explorer has a fully featured archive client built-in. Working with archives is therefore no different than dealing with files and folders on you computer. Most tools can be applied to files directly inside archives with no need to extract

the contents first.

The supported archive formats include the popular ZIP, RAR and ACE formats in addition to older formats such as LHA and ARJ and also popular UNIX formats and the Microsoft CAB format.

Creating a new archive is similar to creating a directory. Supply a file name and you’re ready to copy files into it. Alternatively you can even have the selected files automatically copied to the newly created archive.

You can also specify advanced options such as the compression level and mode to use as well as specifying password and spanning options. All these options are available from the same dialog by expanding/collapsing it.

Install and checkout

Installing programs you have downloaded from the Internet is extremely simple. Choose Install from the Archive menu or quick bar and Magellan Explorer will extract the program files to a temporary folder and start the installation wizard. Choosing Checkout will create a folder with the contents of the archive.

Create a new archive using this dialog

Advanced options when creating an archive

Automatic archive update

If you edit any files within an archive you can get Magellan Explorer to automatically repack the archive to include the changes. Magellan Explorer will monitor the file for you and automatically prompt you when it’s saved by your editor.

Archive-to-archive and archive-to-FTP

There is no need to worry whether the target or source of your file operations are archives or FTP sites. Magellan Explorer does all the extracting, uploading etc. for you in the background.

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