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Take control of your files with Magellan Explorer

(Wilmington, North Carolina, October 12, 2004) -- Windows users looking to manage all their local and remote files will benefit from Magellan Explorer. It allows them to download and open Zip files, publish web pages and view images, all within a single, attractive package.

Magellan Explorer 3 is a file and Internet tool created by Enriva Development, and published by BMT Micro Inc. The integration of an FTP and Zip client and image viewer within a file utility helps users perform some of todays frequent desktop operations. Moving files to and from the wild jungle that is the Internet is no more difficult than accessing them on the hard drive. Navigation between local folders, FTP sites and Zip files is simple using a number of web browser features, such as Bookmarks, History and Back/Forwards buttons.

It's completely customizable, with over a hundred options to adapt it to the user's own personal taste, and can quickly be set to emulate and expand on the Norton Commander or Windows Explorer interface. With the built-in tool chest one can also quickly print the contents of folders, time stamp files, synchronize folders, clone files and display the size of folders. Version 3 builds on the base feature set with key improvements in every aspect of the program such as a new FTP engine, improved archive management and a more powerful image viewer.

For more information, contact Enriva Development, Bardehvalveien 19, N-9100 Kvaloysletta, Norway or by e-mail at You can download a free, 30-day evaluation version at

Magellan Explorer 3 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003 and is available for $39.95(US). To place an order please contact BMT Micro at 5019 Carolina Beach Road, Suite 202, Wilmington, NC 28412. USA Sales: (800) 414-4268, Int'l: 1+ 910-792-9100, Fax: (800)-346-1672 E-mail: Web:


Evaluation copy available on request

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